Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here Come the Polish - Part the Second

Looking back at my 3-3 run at Showcase Comics, I thought I had done well with my Polish Kawalerii list. Of my losses and wins, I fought against two armor companies of similar composition, and went 1-1, so I felt my list was solid.

As it turns out, that tournament at Showcase qualified me for Nationals - a very unexpected event, and my first qualification ever. I looked back at my list, and wondered if there was any thing I might to change - maybe subtract some infantry, and throw in some more AT, or something along those lines. And it was mighty tempting to do that - I could have taken four 75mm Horse artillery batteries, as opposed to just two, and packed that much more AT into my list. In hindsight, I should have, but at the time, I didn't have the inclination or energy to model up those guns for nationals. I was hobby'd out, after an exhaustive 90 days of straight Polish painting, I was just done.

So, enter U.S. Early War Nationals at Historicon, where I didn't do well at all. I should have gotten off my lazy behind and put those extra artillery pieces together, the AT would have been valuable. In early war, tanks are truly king, and my poor cavalry are darn near worthless against them. The mighty Polish train did as well as it could, but could have done better. Truth be told, it was doing too much of the heavy lifting for the list, since many of my games were against armored companies.  I ended up only going 2-6, much to my dismay. But nationals was an eye opening experience - you'll see so many quality players and lists there, it truly pays to scout the meta game out, and bring a list that won't leave you lacking in any one area. If I'm fortunate enough to go again, I think I'll be much better prepared.

The weekend wasn't a total wash though! I got to hang with some cool dudes, and I got a ton of compliments on my army and my train. It always pleases me to see folks appreciate the hard work that went into putting my army together. All of my opponents were also really good guys, and I was happy to share a few beers with'em.

So enough of my belly aching - on with some pictures!

All photos taken by my opponent of game 5, Chris Langland.


  1. Amazing looking minis, battle table, train, scenery and everything :) Looks like good time...

  2. Thanks! For some reason, I just noticed this comment - apologies. Glad you liked! :)